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Going Strong; 17 years with the BCIR

Going Strong; 17 years with the BCIR

So I just thought I would give a 17 year follow up since I had the BCIR procedure or Barnett Continent Intestinal Reservoir.  I think it’s been 17 years, maybe a little longer; I vow to one day look up the actual date so I know for sure.  Honestly folks, I have no issues to report.  The BCIR has treated ... Read More »

Pouchitis:  Quick Tips

Pouchitis: Quick Tips

When it comes to discussing pouchitis, I cringe a little because it is one of the few (yet sometimes common), annoying and often painful issues with the BCIR.  Although my bouts with pouchitis have lessened over the years, I thought I’d list some of the signs of pouchitis in a short summary. From my experience, here is a list of ... Read More »

BCIR Blockage

BCIR Blockage

If you think you have a blockage, call your doctor now.  Blockages are one of those things to take extra seriously if you think you may be experiencing one.  Though rare for me, I had a few during the first year after my BCIR surgery.  I imagine there are few reasons one might have a blockage somewhere in the gut.  ... Read More »

(VIDEO) What is BCIR Pouchitis?  (Click to Watch)

(VIDEO) What is BCIR Pouchitis? (Click to Watch)

WATCH VIDEO NOW: What is BCIR Pouchitis? Read More »

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