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Going Strong; 17 years with the BCIR

Going Strong; 17 years with the BCIR

So I just thought I would give a 17 year follow up since I had the BCIR procedure or Barnett Continent Intestinal Reservoir.  I think it’s been 17 years, maybe a little longer; I vow to one day look up the actual date so I know for sure.  Honestly folks, I have no issues to report.  The BCIR has treated ... Read More »

BCIR Tip:  Dairy

BCIR Tip: Dairy

I really like my dairy, and although cheese never gives me any problems, milk and ice cream will give me some mild gas pretty quick.  This is just my experience, it could be totally unrelated to the BCIR, but rather a mild lactose issue.  I’ve also noticed over the years, the bloating related to diary has lessened over the years. ... Read More »

BCIR Surgery Tip:  Family Visits

BCIR Surgery Tip: Family Visits

Keep in mind the degree of shock and awe you’re going to encounter after surgery when you first look down at your body and see all these tubes and machines.  Maybe I fell asleep during that part of the pre-surgery movie (no popcorn), but I didn’t realize how crazy I would look right out of surgery. There’s what looks like ... Read More »

BCIR Tip:  Do the Wave!

BCIR Tip: Do the Wave!

Every once in awhile when I eat too much, eat too late, or put off using the restroom, bloating can build upstream and get hung up causing some discomfort.  Hung up, meaning that going to the restroom won’t clear all the gas on the first shot.  I may have to just wait it out a bit and let the gas ... Read More »

No Bathroom in Sight

No Bathroom in Sight

Recently I returned from a little vacation in Florida, and there were a few instances where I was miles from a bathroom.  Usually, I know ahead a time that I might not have access to a bathroom and need to prepare accordingly.  Some preparation is to avoid the foods that cause bloating, because it’s the gas that will send me ... Read More »

BCIR Blockage

BCIR Blockage

If you think you have a blockage, call your doctor now.  Blockages are one of those things to take extra seriously if you think you may be experiencing one.  Though rare for me, I had a few during the first year after my BCIR surgery.  I imagine there are few reasons one might have a blockage somewhere in the gut.  ... Read More »

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