Monday , 19 November 2018
BCIR Tip:  Popping Vitamins

BCIR Tip: Popping Vitamins

If you take vitamins or big pills, you may notice that sometimes they can zip through you before being digested and missing the value.  They can also clog up the tube.  A quick fix is to break them in half before sending them down the pipe.  Or try to get a liquid or capsule version as opposed to the tablet.  ... Read More »

BCIR Surgery Tip:  Family Visits

BCIR Surgery Tip: Family Visits

Keep in mind the degree of shock and awe you’re going to encounter after surgery when you first look down at your body and see all these tubes and machines.  Maybe I fell asleep during that part of the pre-surgery movie (no popcorn), but I didn’t realize how crazy I would look right out of surgery. There’s what looks like ... Read More »

BCIR Tip:  Move it Along

BCIR Tip: Move it Along

Every once in awhile, things may be slow moving through my digestion, especially after eating pasta.  Some things I will drink to help move the food along are as followed:  Grape juice, coffee, carrot juice, peppermint tea, ginger tea.  I’ve also found that taking my powdered green drink, will get things resolved pretty quick as well.  Have a glass or ... Read More »

BCIR Tip:  Do the Wave!

BCIR Tip: Do the Wave!

Every once in awhile when I eat too much, eat too late, or put off using the restroom, bloating can build upstream and get hung up causing some discomfort.  Hung up, meaning that going to the restroom won’t clear all the gas on the first shot.  I may have to just wait it out a bit and let the gas ... Read More »

BCIR Tip:  Maintenance Poos

BCIR Tip: Maintenance Poos

Just like when your mom would tell you to use the bathroom before you head out of the house, well the same goes for us BCIR people today!  If there is an intermission between that 4 hour play and you don’t have to go, just go anyway.  Never fails, if you skip it, then the second you sit down, you’ll ... Read More »

Take Steps Walk for Crohn’s & Colitis

Take Steps Walk for Crohn’s & Colitis

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