Sunday , 21 April 2019
How Often to Change Stoma Pad?

How Often to Change Stoma Pad?

So how often do you, as a BCIR patient, change your stoma pad/ bandage/ dressing?  Personally, I will change mine every time I use the restroom.  Whether it’s a No.1 or a No.2, I just change it out as there is almost always at least a small amount of moisture on the pad.  If the pad is even slightly wet, ... Read More »

Pouchitis:  Quick Tips

Pouchitis: Quick Tips

When it comes to discussing pouchitis, I cringe a little because it is one of the few (yet sometimes common), annoying and often painful issues with the BCIR.  Although my bouts with pouchitis have lessened over the years, I thought I’d list some of the signs of pouchitis in a short summary. From my experience, here is a list of ... Read More »

BCIR Tip:  Don’t Go to School in your Underwear

BCIR Tip: Don’t Go to School in your Underwear

Now I know this blog title has peaked your curiosity!  Though I believe I touched on this topic in previous posts, I wanted to remind one of the possibility of stress dreams.  You know what I mean, when you constantly dream all night that you forgot to do something important.  For instance; forgot to study for a test you didn’t ... Read More »

BCIR Tip:  Catheter Code Names

BCIR Tip: Catheter Code Names

I found it’s fun to create code words for my catheter.  Catheter just sounds too medical, gross, and weird.  Also, if I’m out and about, I don’t need to alert the public I’m carrying a catheter if I need to reference it when chatting to my girlfriend.  Instead, I might say, “…dear, I have to go to the car to ... Read More »

BCIR Tip:  Dairy

BCIR Tip: Dairy

I really like my dairy, and although cheese never gives me any problems, milk and ice cream will give me some mild gas pretty quick.  This is just my experience, it could be totally unrelated to the BCIR, but rather a mild lactose issue.  I’ve also noticed over the years, the bloating related to diary has lessened over the years. ... Read More »

BCIR Tip:  Airport Body Scanners

BCIR Tip: Airport Body Scanners

I may have mentioned this elsewhere on the website, but I briefly wanted to mention here that the new body scanners at the airport will pick up your tube in your pocket.  I was actually questioned as to what it was by security.  I was pulled aside, and I just told them what it was without having to actually show ... Read More »