Thursday , 26 January 2023


How long will I be in the hospital?

I was in the hospital for a month. You really need that time to make sure everything is working and to heal.¬† It of course depends on how smooth your operation goes and if you have any issues that require you to stay longer. Although you get out in a month, I know you’re supposed to be taking it easy for another 8 weeks; nothing strenuous and no tackle football right away.

How often do you get Pouchitis?

I used to get pouchitis 3 times a year in the early years with the BCIR. Then it was once a year. Now, after living with the BCIR for over 13 years, I haven’t had pouchitis in a couple of years now. I believe the BCIR just needs time to fully adapt and for your body to work with it’s new plumbing.

Does the stoma have an odor?

To tell you the truth, less than the former hole. The catheter actually intubates an inch or so below the surface of your skin, so there’s less chance of any residue falling on to your skin.

How much does the BCIR operation cost?

It’s a ridiculous cost as with any major operation. Just make sure to have health insurance first or you’ll be stuck with a bill that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Most insurance companies cover the BCIR operation now. But if you are sick, don’t let the cost sway you, get the operation! Don’t let the money play a factor, this is your life!

What has been your girlfriends reactions?

I have been lucky in this department. I have had a very understanding girlfriend and it has been a non-issue after that fun conversation about my unique plumbing. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s nothing visible that says, “I have a BCIR.” The visible part is below your waistline. But if they love you, then they should be happy you are now more healthy than before your BCIR.

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