Monday , 19 March 2018
BCIR Tip:  Catheter Code Names

BCIR Tip: Catheter Code Names

I found it’s fun to create code words for my catheter.  Catheter just sounds too medical, gross, and weird.  Also, if I’m out and about, I don’t need to alert the public I’m carrying a catheter if I need to reference it when chatting to my girlfriend.  Instead, I might say, “…dear, I have to go to the car to ... Read More »

BCIR Tip:  Dairy

BCIR Tip: Dairy

I really like my dairy, and although cheese never gives me any problems, milk and ice cream will give me some mild gas pretty quick.  This is just my experience, it could be totally unrelated to the BCIR, but rather a mild lactose issue.  I’ve also noticed over the years, the bloating related to diary has lessened over the years. ... Read More »

BCIR Tip:  Airport Body Scanners

BCIR Tip: Airport Body Scanners

I may have mentioned this elsewhere on the website, but I briefly wanted to mention here that the new body scanners at the airport will pick up your tube in your pocket.  I was actually questioned as to what it was by security.  I was pulled aside, and I just told them what it was without having to actually show ... Read More »

Glossary of BCIR Terms

Glossary of BCIR Terms

Here I decided to post the Glossary from my book, “Colitis Be Gone,” because I think it might help decipher some of the language/ terms one may read in my blog posts.  Also, I thought it would be way faster to get a post up by just pasting the Glossary content into this post.  Please note most of these are ... Read More »

BCIR Tip:  Stash your Tubes

BCIR Tip: Stash your Tubes

In order to make sure you’re never without your catheter, hide back-up tubes in various locations!  Hide one in your work bathroom, in your car, book bag/ briefcase, and parents’ house.  No one knows what it is, if they find it, ask “What is that?”  Or blame the plumber. Way back when, I had a job where I was basically ... Read More »

BCIR Tip:  Popping Vitamins

BCIR Tip: Popping Vitamins

If you take vitamins or big pills, you may notice that sometimes they can zip through you before being digested and missing the value.  They can also clog up the tube.  A quick fix is to break them in half before sending them down the pipe.  Or try to get a liquid or capsule version as opposed to the tablet.  ... Read More »